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Is a sidecar a safe way to explore?

Yes. Our Ural motorcycles are built to look old but are not called Unstoppable Soviet Motorcycles for nothing as they now all the modern safety features and meet all modern standards of safety and emissions controls applied in Australia. These bikes meet all relevant Australian Design Rules and are all fully road registered and inspected to Charter Vehicle Standards as set y Department of Transport in all states of Australia.

Our sidecars are all three wheeled vehicles that make them a very safe option to ride as appose to a two wheeled motorcycle. They are not fast in any way and are made and build for a pleasant ride and slow speeds allowing a very safe ride. All our tours are planned to have a max speed of no more than 90 km per hour in an open road situation and average speed in town areas of no greater than 60 km per hour

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes, helmets are compulsory in Australia. We supply all our passengers with helmets in various sizes. You will be issued with a correct size helmet and motorcycle goggles before we depart All our helmets are checked daily and before every trip and are cleaned before we provide them to you We can also provide an under-helmet cap if desired. You have a choice wearing your own sunglasses during the ride, or you can go for the more authentic look and wear our googles.

What is the min age?

Sidecars are three wheel machines and are very stable and safe. Kids especially, absolutely love the experience! The minimum legal age for the pillion passenger (behind the rider) is twelve years and eight years for the sidecar passenger. Your rider would make the final call on the safety of the individual and may refuse to carry small passengers or persons who’s manner constitute a possible danger to themselves or others on the bike on or in the sidecar. PLEASE don’t be offended if we refuse to carry your kids due to bad behavior. WE WONT tolerate bad behavior as it is a safety issue on a bike.

Conditions of travel

Please note that in order to tour with us, you must sign a liability waiver before the tour begins.

Am I allowed to ride the motorcycle myself?

No, you’re experienced and licensed rider and tour guide will be operating the sidecar motorcycle at all times. This gives you the chance to relax and take in the beauty of Esperance and the countryside without the distraction of driving.

What clothing is most suited?

We suggest long pants and long sleeves to help protect you from the sun and weather and a jacket. We use and supply only approved helmets, safety glasses and/or goggles, closed toe shoes, and long pants and gloves while seated in or on a motorcycle that is in operation

Do I need additional insurance?

All passengers on the sidecar motorcycles are covered by the by commercial vehicle and general liability insurance policies mandatory for all our commercial Tour and Charter vehicles.

However, we cannot insure against damage, loss, or other irregularities occurred to personal items of individual customers that they decide to carry or take with them. We do have a lockable boot and storage area on the bike but cannot take responsibility for any loss or theft of personal items. Passengers will be responsible for their own travel insurance if they choose. Our riders are extremely honest and love to look after their guest and will take you safety and care VERY seriously.

Can you take animals in the sidecar?

Yes we can accommodate small animals that is well mannered placid and not aggressive. The animal is totally your responsibility and need to be in your control, on a leach and not be able to jump out of the sidecar under any circumstances.

Can I hire the motorcycle / Sidecar for my own tour?

No at this stage we do only offer two day riding classes and introductory lessons towards riding a sidecar in an organised group and under leadership of one of our guides. This would include a Deposit on the motorcycle to cover any damage to the sidecar during the two days. This training would include open road riding and an overnight tour to experience all road conditions.


How many passengers can go on the bike and in the sidecar?

Our Ural sidecar motorcycles can carry up to three people comfortably, our professional riders and two passengers (one in the sidecar “chair” and one on a separate seat “pillion” located directly behind the driver). Both these two seats are very comfortable and provide and great views. Passengers can also switch seats so each can experience the ride from different positions and perspectives.

Will the tour proceed if it rain?

In the unlikely event that there is constant rain or any dangerous weather conditions we may cancel operations, and any tours already paid for would receive a full refund or we can reschedule if your time permits. Your tour may still take place if there is only a light intermittent drizzle. Our Riders will only proceed if it is absolutely safe to ride. We want you to be absolutely comfortable during your tour and won’t expose you to any danger or situation that would cause any discomfort.

Our sidecars and motorcycles is fully equipped and ready for any downpour with a windscreen and all necessary personal comfort equipment (helmets and aviator style goggles,

Will our guide also do commentary on the tour?

Absolutely, this is the best part. Our professional rides are selected and love talking they are knowledgeable and passionate about Australia and Esperance in specific and are full of stories, anecdotes and all love Esperance. A page with local facts and history will also be located in the sidecar and you are free to have a read and ask as many questions as you like.

Can I change the rout or ask to use alternative roads?

Yes. We would love to listen an remember it is your special outing. We would try to accommodate any requests and try to make it happen. If you are however booking a specific tour the rider will stay on that specific route and adhere as close as possible to the set time schedule for safety reasons.

We plan our set tours t show you as much of the area in a short time available to us. However if you have got any special requests and places you would love to see please let us know in advance and we would try our best to accommodate this on your tour. Some additional charges may apply .The bottom line is “You come first” and we will make it happen, we strive to please.

Can I book other rides that are not part of your set tours?

Yes we put tours together to give ideas and showcase the most of what is important to us in the areas we tour and operate in. We do and will put together any ride for any individuals or small groups. We love to cater for Weddings, Birthdays, parties, school balls, graduations, work functions, night out with friends, ride with mates, outings to local pubs and places to eat. Your imagination is our playground, let’s make it happen!

What is the different tour duration times?

We can cater for any length of tour from 15min to 12 days, you tell us where you want to go and we will make it happen. Just remember these bikes are slow and safe not fast and modern.

Will we be stopping along the way and during the tour?

YES, YES and Yes we love to stop and chat, look and discuss, take photos have a snack or drink and make the most of the special time without getting worn out by riding all day.

Bookings & Reservations

Can I give a tour or ride as a gift

Absolutely! YES a sidecar tour is a remarkable gift idea and something that you don’t receive every day. We can issue a gift certificate that can be redeemed at any time within a 3 month period Please contact us and we can arrange for special pickups and drop offs after the agreed on tour time is up. We can even do a surprise for the two loved ones. We offer a picnic basket service that can be part of a very remarkable evening picnic on the beach. WHAT a way to treat her or him!



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