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The Story


Peter got his first bike in 1984, started riding , and has never stopped since. Initial interest was in road touring and long distance touring with larger road and touring bikes.

Peter and Maria immigrated to New Zealand in 1996 and lived in there for just over 10 years, Peter’s focus on road riding shifted when they moved to NZ and he developed a keen interest in adventure and off road riding.  He has been riding around NZ with main interest being in adventure riding and exploring New Zealand by bike on his own, with a few friends and by joining groups offering specialist adventure rides in secluded areas.


When moving to Australiain 2006 the BMW R110 GS came along and Petermade yet more friends and started riding in more remote areas. Peter developed a keen interest in sidecars after doing a trip with a friend and it was all over, the first Sidecar " Snoopy " a 2010 Ural was in the shed and still is his favourite motorcycle and inspired the idea of the Sidecar Tours.

We bought our first school bus and tour Buses in 2010 and doing this allowed us to travel more and explore further with our beloved Snoopy. We are currently still doing bus charter and tour work and just love the interaction with people. It is from this wanting to interaction and wanting to share the pleasures our sidecar is giving us ( we cant stop answering questions when we stop anywhere with Snoopy ) that we decided to venture into Sidecar tours so others can enjoy the very special moment if sitting in a sidecar being the one getting waved at!

Why sidecars and Ural motorcycles in specific?

Our love of interacting with people inspired us to share the joy of the camaraderie sidecar riding brings. We cannot stop anywhere without drawing interest and having a chat with people. Waving to people, and receiving a friendly wave and smile in return, as we drive along is another of the unique pleasures of sidecar riding.

Urals have a real ‘retro’ feel to them and provide a safe, stable and reliable form of transport. We know, from experience, that they are suitable for all shapes, sizes and abilities. Just ask us if you are in any doubt about their suitability for you.

What is our vision for the sidecar tours?

We want to spread the sheer pleasure of sidecar riding to as many people as possible, so that they can experience the thrill of riding a motorcycle in a pristine natural environment.

We want our guests to experience the youthful thrill of adventure by giving this novel experience a shot and being so inspired that they want to do it again and again.



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